NMA 2 magazine (1983)
NMA 2 magazine (1983)
NMA 2 magazine (1983)
NMA 2 magazine (1983)
NMA 2 magazine (1983)

NMA 2 magazine (1983)

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NMA (New Music Articles) was an independent Australian publication active throughout the 80’s and early 90’s having the aim of encouraging musicians, composers and sound artists to write about their work as a way of informing the general public, and creating wider musical debate.

Featuring inclusions from Australian producer David Chesworth and British musique concrete treasure Trevor Wishart..

Editors Rainer Linz & Graeme Gerrard.

Mann, Chris. Other. p3
Gerrard, Graeme. An interview with Ron Nagorcka. p4
Anti Music Pneumatic Drill no 52. p7
Knabb, Ken. from: Double reflection. p8
Althoff, Ernie. Music machines. p12
Chesworth, David. Music criticism: the discursive practice or `recreating the scene'. p13
Pollard, Mark C. Notturno: an analysis. p14
Gillies, John. TV scripts. p23
Linz, Rainer. Dysrhythmic etude/(dis)continuous music. p24
Gilbert, Les. The Genoa river, Wangarabel, a piece for the landscape. p26
Wishart, Trevor. Music/change, Red Bird/Anticredos. p30
Hopkins, Ted. Information killed John Lennon (insert).