Jo Montgomerie - Are You Supposed To Be In The Wild?
Jo Montgomerie - Are You Supposed To Be In The Wild?
Jo Montgomerie - Are You Supposed To Be In The Wild?

Jo Montgomerie - Are You Supposed To Be In The Wild?

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Label: Profound Mystery – MKFSG1
Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, Mixtape
Country: UK
Released: 21 Apr 2021
Genre: Classical
Style: Modern Classic, Experimental

New one on the South Manchester bespoke tape imprint Profound Mystery ft Manchester pianist Jo Montgomerie.. (Mint / New)

"I notice myself saying 'mulch' as a catch-all, an inverted synecdoche, the snails and slimes, the worms and the soil they create, the loam and the leaves half decomposed on their way to becoming that compost itself while lying atop and within it, all this is the mulch, and the creators of the mulch at once. The system that emerges from the decay of vegetation, of animals, and the animal, vegetable and fungal agents of that decay themselves, all together, with roles unfixed across time, all of them the mulch."
- Suze Huldt, "mulch"

"He signalled to the curator, who thereupon flung open huge double doors of oak, to reveal a single enormous oil-painting, magnificently framed, standing like an icon in the middle of the room. It was painted in the half-naif, half-oriental style known as the Hav-Venetian, and I knew at once what it showed. It showed the House of the Chinese Master, in flames

'Our most noble public treasure, at its moment of supreme nobility.'
There stood the legendary building, ablaze on all its floors, swirled around by smoke, and all about it were charred and tumbled ruins. It alone was brilliantly illuminated, by its own lights, by the fires, by what seemed to be a shaft of sunlight - or moonlight? - penetrating the black smoke to throw its ancient silhouette into relief. It was like a shrine.

'We call this the Ark of Genius. As you know, the architect of the House remains unknown, but of course the reference is allegorical anyway. It is the genius of Hav itself that this room commemorates, defiant through thick and thin, stiff upper lip despite all.'

'Who painted the picture?' I asked.

'That is the final miracle. Nobody can know. It was found torn and crumpled on the person of Missakian the trumpeter, before his burial.'"
- Jan Morris, 𝘏𝘢𝘷



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