Gothenburg Sound Workshop – II
Gothenburg Sound Workshop – II

Gothenburg Sound Workshop – II

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Label: Förlag För Fri Musik – 022
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Sweden
Released:b11 Aug 2021
Style: Minimal, New Age

Förlag För Fri Musik’s mysterious Gothenburg Sound Workshop return with their second transmission following their initial, brutally short-run debut that landed towards the end of last year. As with the first, it’s two full sides of unwavering, stripped-bare, dead-behind-the-eyes synth minimalism served COLD. It’s repeating, overlapping, delay-drenched tones offer very little other than a feeling of slight discomfort, melancholy or even paranoia.. what trouble lies ahead? Essentially not for everyone but certainly of interest for anyone who seeks private solace in the icy, anxiety-stricken tones of Civilistjävel! or the vast, bottomless drone works of Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann’s seminal Mirror project. Not got many!! (Mint / New - limited 1 per customer pls!)

A1 I 15:18
B1 II 14:50