FUMU – Almost, Never, Nearly Where?
FUMU – Almost, Never, Nearly Where?

FUMU – Almost, Never, Nearly Where?

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Label: Youth ‎– YOCD10
Format: CDr
Country: UK
Released: 09 Jul 2021
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental

FUMUUU !!!  The local YOUTH label let their secret weapon outta the cage for a follow up to 2018’s head-wrecking Sinuate collection with a fresh bash of gristly, tortured, post-industrial soundscapes and the usual signature mutant strain of mangled techno.  It’s a restless, paranoia-inducing snapshot of urban decay that is open about its reference points and owns them - ‘4 Mika’ pays homage to the agitated industrial techno of Pan Sonic whilst ‘SKHS PT.9’ lays down ragged, sinewy drum beats amidst depth-charge bass drops with the same sorta recklessness found in that HOLY Muslimgauze CD ‘Vampire Of Tehran’ (Sick of the reference yet???).  Elsewhere FUMU flexes his sound design muscles and blasts us with great swathes of brutalist electronics, dread-laced abstracted experiments and ominous soundscapes before showing a more introverted, contemplative side on closer ‘Extra 10’, leaving us dangling and ripe with anticipation for the soon-coming debut album proper.  The best in the biz!!!  (Mint / New)

1 Nu
2 4 Mika
3 Inna Tough
4 Unlmtd Potential
5 Skhs Pt.9
6 It's All Steel
7 Gator 2
8 Cloud Head
9 Loosin Shit
10 Skphs Pt.11
11 Bye
12 Recordingtapes
13 Extra 10