Atsuo Ogawa 小川敦生 - Rotae
Atsuo Ogawa 小川敦生 - Rotae
Atsuo Ogawa 小川敦生 - Rotae

Atsuo Ogawa 小川敦生 - Rotae

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Label: Not on Label
Format: Mix CD
Country: Japan
Genre: Lo-fi, Rock & Pop, Electronic
Style: Abstract, Music Hall, Synth

Mind-blowing, total one off self-released mix CD from Japanese artist and DJ Atsuo Ogawa, who offers a revitalising approach to the increasingly dull format with inventive lo-fi recording tactics together with an absurd selection of childish songs and bizarre outsider synth pieces.  Having had the pleasure of listening through this mix pretty much on repeat the past month, I can confirm its charm never wanes - its dream-like no-fidelity thickens the air with nostalgia, darting between British seaside classics, to childish toy-box rhythms and amateur piano pieces.  I dunno.. it feels total original and outsider, caught somewhere between Lambkin’s seminal ‘Amateur Doubles’ and an absurd piece of DIY sound-art.. I never expected in 2022 to be freaking out about Nellie The Elephant.. highest recommends!!!! (Mint / New - handmade cover)

A - A Side
B - B Side