Hanunóo – Hanunóo Music From The Philippines
Hanunóo – Hanunóo Music From The Philippines
Hanunóo – Hanunóo Music From The Philippines
Hanunóo – Hanunóo Music From The Philippines

Hanunóo – Hanunóo Music From The Philippines

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Label: Folkways Records – FE 4466
Series: Ethnic Folkways LIbrary
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1956
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Philippine Classical

Eye-opening collection of traditional music from the Philippines recorded by Harold C. Conklin and put out by Folkways in 1956 (!!).  This one focuses on the animistic non-Christian Hanunoo ethnic groups who reside in the jungle on the island of Mindoro.  As with many traditional cultures, music forms the backbone of society and underpins any of the rituals, rites or celebrations associated with daily life.  There's a huge variety on offer here, with bamboo flute solos, plucked courting music played on the gitgit (a 3 stringed rebab like instrument), jews harp, nose flute, vocals that replicate the sounds of animals and so, so much more. Certainly elements in common with their Indonesian neighbours, such as the opening percussive bum-rush, although the whole thing in parts feels more rooted in activities of daily life, akin to some of the traditional musics of Oceania, than the more classically-inclined Gamelan styes.  Extensively detailed liner notes with all the intel you could possibly require.  FASCINATING.  (NM/VG+ - with booklet).    

A1 Mixed Instrumental Merrymaking (Kalīpay)
A2 Two Chants ('Urūkay) Used In Courting
A3 Flute (Lantuy) Solo, By A Young Girl
A4 Lullaby ('Iyāya)
A5 Yells (Pagrit) While Clearing Forest
A6 Boy's Guitar (Kudyapi'): Kaskas And Timpara
A7 Guitar (Kudyapi') Kaskas
A8 Gong-Beating And Tapping: Binalinsay
A9 Gong-Beating And Tapping: Dinūlut
A10 Stamp Dancing (Taruk)
A11 Ritual Chanting (Ngāyung) Of Mediums (To Rid The Settlement Of Malign Forest Spirits)
B1 Flute (Lantuy) Solo By A Young Girl
B2 Flute (Lantuy) Duet By A Girl And Her Mother
B3 Musical Sticks (Kalutang)
B4 Bamboo Jew's-Harp (Kinaban): 3 Selections
B5 Trail Calls ('Úwi)
B6 Courting Sequence (Panlayísan): Courting Songs ('Ambáhan), Fiddle Accompaniment (Gitgit), And Disguised Talk (Pahugut)
B7 Calls To Attract Animals
B8 Bamboo Buzzers (Batiwtiw)
B9 Bamboo Zithers (Kudlung)
B10 Bamboo Zithers, Buzzers, And Whistles
B11 Flute And Fiddle Duet
B12 Fiddle (Gitgit): Sinidsíruy
B13 An 'Ambáhan Chant, Sung By A Lover