Roth & Rainer – Misch- U. Trennkunst
Roth & Rainer – Misch- U. Trennkunst
Roth & Rainer – Misch- U. Trennkunst
Roth & Rainer – Misch- U. Trennkunst

Roth & Rainer – Misch- U. Trennkunst

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Label: Dieter Roth's Verlag – DR-1180, Edition Lebeer-Hossmann – DR-1180
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Country: Germany, Austria, & Switzerland
Released: 1978
Genre: Jazz, Non-Music
Style: Dialogue, Spoken Word, Free Improvisation

Hi-art sonic action painting, music-not-music collaboration between iconic Swiss visual / sound artist Dieter Roth and Austrian abstract painter Arnulf Rainer released via Roth’s collectable Familienverlag press.

When does music become music?  Or what actually constitutes as music?  These are questions asked and answered repeatedly, though there isn’t an answer.  Dieter Roth is responsible for a series of releases via his own Dieter Roth's Verlag - some musical (see Colette Roper’s breathtaking Piano Pieces) others (Misch- U. Trennkunst) explore the mediumship of the record as visual art itself.  It’s a concept explored in depth by the comprehensive ‘Broken Music’ bible created by Ursula Block and Michael Glasmeier, so much that the term itself has become a byword for the movement itself. 

The two full-side pieces here captures both artists in a chaotic sound-brawl presumably in one of their studio’s late one night.  Wheezing according blasts amongst the clattering of numerous empty schnapps bottles whilst both artists bark out to one another in between hammered piano keys and general bedlam.  The duo would collaborate over the course of a decade, going on to form one of the most dynamic partnerships of the avant-garde, both wrestling with colour and frantically daubing each other’s paintings, along with photographs, postcards, etc. 

This edition was published by Edition Lebeer-Hossmann (with their printed sleeve) who were responsible for sound works from Fluxus artist’s such as Philip Corner, Henning Christensen, Nam June Paik and more.  We will have some more Dieter Roth works available soon.  (NM/NM - printed cover by Lebeer-Hossmann)

A Untitled
B Untitled