Various – Ambient Punk Vol II
Various – Ambient Punk Vol II

Various – Ambient Punk Vol II

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Label: Pure Life Records – ЧЖ035
Series: Eva Era – EVA00
Format: Vinyl, LP, White With Pink Splatter, vinyl, LP, Red With White Splatter
Country: UK
Released: 25 Mar 2021
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, IDM, Downtempo, Vaporwave

Contains 16 exclusive collaborations from 31 Pure Life artists to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the label. The first vinyl release from Pure Life records, wanting to show the importance of collaboration and make sure every artist is equally important to the next chapter of the label. For many artists included this was their first vinyl release. Demonstrates the global roster as well as various different styles of electronic that the label showcases"

What better sampler of the increasingly essential Pure Life could there be than this gorgeous double pressing of the second edition of their well recieved 'Ambient Punk' series. There are tracks from a wide variety of Pure Life favourites, including the opening track from Kuroi Ame who caused much furore in the mailorder dept with their 2018 LP, 'Sacred'. 

It's a widescreen collection of some of the most uncompromising genre-breaking synth music of the modern day, drawing influence from soundtrack work (as obvious as it may be, Vangelis' Blade Runner, Carpenter, Mansell) as well as heavier IDM and braindance of the 90's. If any of these tickle your fancy, you will LOVE this collection, and no doubt the label as a whole.  (NM/NM)

A1 Kuroi Ame (2)– Purity II 1:54
A2 CMD094 x W Baer*– Swim Deep 3:37
A3 Ex Aquis x Cryosauna– BBPIB 3:44
A4 Cult Member x Shampoo (18)– Southside 7:13
A5 Sangam x The Microgram– Keys Of Life 4:32
B1 w u s o 命* x Remember (10)– The City Cartographer 4:56
B2 Rashida Prime x 輕描淡寫– Pure Presence 5:00
B3 Phorme x Room 208– Segmentation Fault 5:06
B4 Elegance of the Damned x Twin Galaxxies– Like An Apple Split In Two 4:51
C1 Crosspolar x Plains Apparition– Welcoming Acceptance 5:43
C2 Diamondstein x Broken_Canyon– People Of Belarus 5:45
C3 HKE x Shima33– And When I Looked Outside It Was Morning 4:43
C4 Thugwidow x Compages– Motorola Death 4:58
D1 Éntha x 夜明けを残す– Sólheim 7:34
D2 Kid Smpl x Bruised Skies– Angled Downward 4:42
D3 Kagami Smile x D R O I D R O Y*– Raining Inside A Door 6:25