Taming Power – Twenty-One Pieces
Taming Power – Twenty-One Pieces

Taming Power – Twenty-One Pieces

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Label: Early Morning Records – EMR 2x12" - 018
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
Country: Norway
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Avantgarde, Experimental

It’d be easy to think that surely by now with the power of the internet, social media, blogs, chat rooms and however else obscure musical projects are uncloaked and shared that that was little else left to discover.  Taming Power is an artist from Norway who has been quietly working in isolation and self-releasing music since as far back as 1998, with a substantial catalogue across all analogue formats yet seemingly little online presence or media attention.  His music feels like a meditation on the present without any listener or audience in mind.  There’s no flowery title tracks or double-entendre in the album names that offer us any clues to the work’s influence or objective, instead pieces are time-stamped, process-driven, resembling La Monte Young / The Theatre Of Eternal Music.  A moment in time captured.  But this feels removed from the lofty world of the established avant-garde, the works are sparse, consisting mainly of stripped-bare electric guitar mixed with the lo-fi stop / start clunk of the tape machine with the occasional organ or scant electronics giving a glimpse one person’s own private reality at that time.  We’re pleased to finally offer a range of back catalogue titles from this exciting yet puzzling artist.. (Mint / New - shops pls ask for wholesale)

A1 16-9-07 II
A2 28-12-01 IV
A3 1-9-98 / 22-7-03 / 23-7-03
A4 28-12-05 III / 9-11-08 II
B1 28-12-05 III
B2 JULY 07 / 3-8-08
B3 6-1-09 VII
B4 26-7-98 / 16-10-01 II / FEBRUARY 06 / 1-3-09
B5 1-11-98 / 26-7-98 / 18-10-01 / 2-12-01
B6 13-9-05 II
C1 27-12-08 II
C2 12-5-08 I
C3 28-12-05 III / NOVEMBER 08 / 26-6-09
C4 27-7-00 / 31-8-00
C5 27-4-09 I
D1 27-4-09 III
D2 27-12-98 / 6-3-99 II
D3 MARCH 09 / 18-3-09 I
D4 MARCH 09 / 21-3-09
D5 26-12-01 I
D6 24-7-07 V