Aufgang B – Demo 4
Aufgang B – Demo 4

Aufgang B – Demo 4

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Label: Neubau – BAU001+
Format: Vinyl, 7", Single Sided
Country: Austria
Released: Dec 2021
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield, Downtempo

Snarling, blink-’n-you’ll-miss-it single sided 7” on underground Austrian imprint Neubau.  Raw, run-ragged hi-hats fizz over a brittle 100bpm drum strut, laced heavy with dungeon synth leads and wobble-board bass.  Its ticking all the boxes and sorta reminding of that menacing and totally slept on 7” Mika Vainio did for Comfortzone - up-in-your-grill Roland 606 (?) workouts.  Pure, undiluted hardware jams for the head nodders - don’t miss - lovely tracing paper sleeve too..  (Mint / New)

A Demo 4 4:24