Warm Currency - Returns
Warm Currency - Returns
Warm Currency - Returns

Warm Currency - Returns

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Label: Horn of Plenty <O – hop9
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 2022
Genre: Lo-Fi
Style: Acoustic

Totally charmed, classically lo-fi Downer pop meets concrete set from Vincent Over the Sink/Bowles alumni.

It’s been a long time since that beautifully cracked Bowles ep came out on Kye. So long in fact that it had almost slipped into the category of low-key mythic one-offs. Those never to be repeated small-scale triumphs of record making that leave you wondering where the people involved went and why they aren’t better known. Actually, those who didn’t can’t grab it first time round, and that’s most of everybody, can still pick it up at a criminally low price second hand. Of course MP Hopkins and Mary MacDougall were part of The sainted Vincent over the Sink and Hopkins has released plenty of solo records. But, this is the record I have been waiting for. It’s a promise fulfilled, a triumphant if diffident return to the ragged art-song of that earlier incarnation. It’s all here, spidery automatic guitar, sung/spoken vocal, organ, toy percussion and lyrics delivered like the author and the singer haven’t met. The whole thing is bathed in an expanded field of raw decayed sound that wobbles in and out shifting between smudged and pin-sharp. There are traces of other music: Nico, Marnie, Kristin Oppenhiem, Elodie Lauten’s Sunrise, and the numbed intimacy of any number of NZ sleepers. Really really great stuff.. (mint / new - with booklet)


1. Dark Green Sails 01:40
2. Wash Nothing 03:40
3. Morning Schemes 02:51
4. Copper Card 02:38
5. Winter Advertisement 02:54
6. Spider Credit 02:28
7. Coin Strike 02:21
8. Garden Brawl 02:38