Various – The Electric Family - Mariopaint

Various – The Electric Family - Mariopaint

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Label: Irdial Discs – 55ird com3
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Released: Oct 30, 1995
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Experimental

Very ahead of the time Irdial Discs family outing ft tracks composed on the Nintendo Super Famicom... (NM)

Sleeve notes read: "The sole machine used on these recordings was a Nintendo Super Famicom, running the Mariopaint music sequencer. Each track was recorded in 4 days. The Super Famicom was running through an RCA NTSC VHS recorder, Konami Game Selector and a Sony F319R Spontaneous Twin Drive Super Legato Linear amplifier. The NTSC TV was a Toshiba Blackstripe. The Mastering Recorder was a Studer B16 in console. The tape was Ampex 456."

M1 Anthony Manning– Untitled
M2 Spy vs. Spy – Untitled
M3 Ray Tracing– Untitled
M4 2007– Untitled
W1 Spacemole– Untitled
W2 Mrs. Mimi Magick– Untitled
W3 The Gas Man– Untitled
W4 Beautyon– Untitled