Various – Labyrinth of Memories
Various – Labyrinth of Memories
Various – Labyrinth of Memories
Various – Labyrinth of Memories
Various – Labyrinth of Memories

Various – Labyrinth of Memories

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Label: Kashual Plastik – Kashual Plastik 011
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP
Country: Germany
Released: 2021
Genre: Electronic, Non-Music
Style: Experimental, Abstract, Sound Collage, Modern Classical, Ambient, Drone, Spoken Word

Sprawling, landmark, world-building comp from German label and compilation masters Kashual Plastik featuring an absolute who’s who of the contemporary international underground. Just check that track list! The focus here is on the kind of lo-fi, mournful bedroom pop / drone / folk experiments that seem to have been sprouting everywhere like mushrooms over the last few years. As much as it’s snapshot of what is going on right now, this comp cannot help but call to mind ancestors like Xpressway’s mammoth ‘Killing Capitalism With Kindness’ set, ‘From Brussels With Love’, ‘Pillows and Prayers’ or the ‘Recommended Records Sampler’. There is so much to enjoy here and it will take a few weeks to get to grips with it all. But early favourites include tracks by some of the less familiar names (Omen, Laure Boer, James & Vanessa and Läuten der Seele) as well as killers from those who have featured here heavily over the past 18 months (Monokultur, Maxine Funke, The Fulmars, Loopsel, Thomas Bush, +++ - the list goes ONNNN). There’s no wooden sleeve to give you splinters and no chicken wire to cut yourself on but Kashal Plastik’s usual heavily conceptual approach to packaging is very much in evidence. This is a lavish 2LP set in a beautifully screen-printed canvas sleeve with foiling and various inserts. Sold out at source. Needless to say, this is not to be missed.. a monster! (Mint / New)


A1 Speedbooth– Something I Built
A2 Teresa Winter– Ghod's Heart
A3 Brannten Schnüre– Kleine Wolke
A4 People Skills– Poem for Brant Lowe
A5 Kirschstein & Agnes Beil– Sommerzeit, Erntezeit
A6 Massimo Del Corpo– Continuo
A7 Hypnotic Sleep– Födder Maut Eck Gaohn
B1 Speedbooth– Above the Shop
B2 A Happy Return– Ancient of Days
B3 Monokultur– Inget Att Bry Sig Om
B4 Stefan Christensen– A Week´s Pass
B5 Jonnine– Stare Too Long
B6 Bobby Would– Eternal Decision
B7 Genghis Cohn– Butterflies
C1 Suburban Cracked Collective– Karl the Killer
C2 Leighton Craig– Galaxy
C3 Pumice– Necklace on a Necklace
C4 Omen– Cantlook
C5 Mosquitoes (3)– Minus Six (Dub)
C6 Maxine Funke– Lucky Penny 3:20
C7 James & Vanessa– Yrt
C8 Paul Arambula– On the Shed
D1 A Method to Exist - The White Wall Award
D2 A Happy Return– Vision Of A Fool
D3 Cucina Povera– Lintuja
D4 Omen– Go
D5 Läuten der Seele– Spiegelungen Auf Der Gartenteichfolie
D6 Laure Boer– Constellations
D7 Loopsel– Svalorna
D8 Thomas Bush– Private Dancer