Various Artists – Early Experiments In Recording, Vol.1 (1976-2021)
Various Artists – Early Experiments In Recording, Vol.1 (1976-2021)

Various Artists – Early Experiments In Recording, Vol.1 (1976-2021)

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Label: Hood Faire – HDFR011
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: Feb 2024
Genre: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Experimental

Early and earnest embryonic recordings capturing the pure essence of teenage home recording via the local Hood Faire label - too good to be true.

We’ve given up trying to understand why we’re more affected by rough recordings of amateur musicians at home than symphony orchestras.  It could be the intimacy, vulnerability or endearing factor of someone privately expressing themselves.  This accurately titled Early Experiments in Recording, Vol​.​1 (1976​-​2021) digs into the dust-covered early recordings of a range of now well-established DIY artists from across the UK and Europe.  The few recordings that managed to survive the inevitable hard-drive crashes, Mac updates, house moves or shifts in technology that often buries premature tracks for eternity.  The sounds are primitive, stripped back and imperfect, but perfectly encapsulating the beauty of bedroom recording.  Jimmywilson age 16 whispering vocals to not wake people in the house sleeping, or Dean McPhee’s first forays into the world of open-tuning.  Ike Goldman offers up the first song he ever wrote and it’s near-perfect in expressing that adolescent feeling of trying things for the first time.  We’re instantly thinking of the bedroom banality found in early Hood 7”, the half-songs from Crawling With Tarts or the low-budget styles of Forlag For Fri Musik.  The sound of having nothing to do but doing it anyway, proving that all you really need is a four track and a vague sense of inspiration to make a mark.  On repeat.  (Mint / New).

.... (mint / new)

A1 Jimmywilson– Night Terror
A2 Paddy Steer– Lumpy Pro
A3 Sam McLoughlin– Hell Gnome
A4 Buachaill Dana– Adbreak
A5 Otis Jordan– Fungus
A6 Hayley Suviste– Degung
A7 Lene De Montaigu*– Humming Trumpet Song
A8 Cult Party– Softer Edges
A9 Finn Rosenbaum– Puddle
A10 Dean McPhee– Improvisation In An Open Tuning
A11 Mary & David– Waltzdub
B1 DBH (7)– Tape Worm
B2 Maia Leung & Spencer Rule– The Hideous Silence Of Seymour Cigman
B3 David A. Jaycock*– Hood Faire
B4 Bridget Hayden– 6 Avril
B5 Ike Goldman– A Few Pieces Of Tape Including Learner Plate Amongst Others
B6 Thorn Wych– Space Age Kids
B7 Molly Linen– Untitled
B8 Freddie Bubble– Tibet In Old Trafford
B9 Graham Massey– Extract From Henry Fonda's Wooly Pullover
B10 Ekka (Birchall, Mortimore, Townsend)– Friday 13th