V.A. - Field of Progress
V.A. - Field of Progress

V.A. - Field of Progress

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Label: Kashual Plastik
Format: Cassette
Country: Germany
Released: 2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Abstract, Lofi

New mega comp from Kashual Plastik!!  (Mint / New - with DL)

Wind and cars hum in harmony. Ancestors croon in the factories of the future. Hippos in swimming pools, dancing on mechanical milker rhythms. Cows rehash in the melodic air of church bells. A melodeon sobs in a vague radio broadcast. Someone warps a present, while a data processor calculates his own death. Can frogs talk to the machine? Sacred chants sang about their conversation. That night when the jungle cried. That night when whales hummed waves of sadness. A klaxon symphony on tribal grooves, street talks in BRICS countries. Someone flushes the gig economy, while the dishwasher gently weeps. Kashual Plastik been in the fields, bringing home the true fake, that surrounds us every day, everywhere, hidden in the sounds of many. A phonography compilation, that comes in two chapters: Document 1 and Document 2. Nothing authentic, yet genuinely realistic. Recorded in the global economy grasslands. On the fly and thoroughly planned. Netted by mindful observers, who respire the ambient noise for a better tomorrow, that might never come. Snow reaches out to the Tuatara, while in Berlin Spandau trains plow through the afternoon. Somebody comes home from a walk, engines squeal, tailpipes buzz in distance. Let’s fill up a glass of rum and toast on organ harmonics, sitting on a random platform at Tokyo’s Chōfu railway station, seduced by train announcements. Does a quiescent room breed noise? Analogue living in old towns, down there, where working on Sunday is the new Monday. At London’s Kingsland High Street religious rhythms cut the street noise. Nearby, in a local pub, a beer concert cheers millions. A Method To Exist, Malvern Brume, Susannah Stark, Jamie Burke, Laura Not, ML, Nika Son, Felix Kubin, or Red Brut, they all listened and absorbed. And many more too. How does the ambient sound to you? Never asked yourself this question? “Field Of Progress” hands out 28 ethnomusicological answers. They can polish the senses. For the fables of the environment. For the folklore of atmosphere. Bio music for data bodies. Wind and cars hum in harmony …


1. Mark Harwood - Berlin Field Recording... 04:57
2. Feronia Wennborg - Window 04:23
3.Nika Son - Hippo 02:54
4. Els Vanderweyer - Kuhstall 02:30
5. JS - Størung der heiligen Einsamkeit 02:44
6. Arv & Miljö - Orario Di Chiusura 03:21
7. ML - Fraukes Rechner rechnet ab 02:10
8. Red Brut - Spring Fog 05:33
9. Møn - Whale Waves 03:49
10. Moniek Darge - Nile SoundieDef 02:10
11. Dan Gilmore - Goldingesque 00:58
12. Felix Kubin - Geschirrspüler 04:23
13. MCBN - Bike 01:03
14. Robert Schwarz - Lobau bleibt! 02:47
15. Louise Wilson - Tuatara 03:19
16. Malvern Brume - Snow Contacts & Marsh Walks 04:54
17. Nein Rodere - Rat Spandau Afternoon 01:51
18. Laila Sakini - Baby 04:23
19. Greymouth - Kumomi (edit) 02:15
20. Terres - Davis is dead, long life the geese 04:25
21. Susannah Stark - Rùm 02:34
22. Sholto - Solo Organ 01:52
23. Anna Murray - Chofu station 04:08
24. Lung Dart - Room Tones 05:01
25. A Method To Exist - Tubes to Oldtown 01:58
26. Dan Gilmore - Working Sunday for Chris 03:36
27. Jamie Burke - Ode To Kingsland High St 02:30
28. Laura Not - Latent Heat of Fusion 02:42