Thuja ‎– Hills
Thuja ‎– Hills

Thuja ‎– Hills

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Label: Rose Hobart ‎– ROSE002
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: UK
Released: 2019
Genre: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Experimental, Drone

Second outing from the promising Rose Hobart label freshly minted sometime back in 2019, this originally CDr release crystallised by San Fran outfit Thuja on US short-run imprint Last Visible Dog.  Like all the best stuff, I'm hesitant to assign any sort of genre tag to this - it's a patient exploration of sound within its environment made for no reason but than to exist, stripped free from the shackles of commercial intention or even recognition (yuk).  But rare does something pull you in and force you to LISTEN.. the sounds are loose, yet precise, even choreographed, but it's never stuffy - happy to exist in the very forefront or colouring the background.  It's grounded by the hum of guitar drones, ruffles of percussion, shimmering metallic timbre and distant de-tuned piano keys that all culminate to this private insular mood.  Certainly elements in common with the telekinetic improv sessions held by the likes of Spontaneous Music Ensemble / Incus crew or Alvin Curran's MEV, but it seems to wash down much easier.  One of the best things to land last year.. (Mint / NEW).      

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