Seltene Erden ‎– Scorched Erden
Seltene Erden ‎– Scorched Erden
Seltene Erden ‎– Scorched Erden

Seltene Erden ‎– Scorched Erden

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Label: Youth ‎– YOCD9
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 29 Sep 2020
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Experimental

Kassem Mosse conjures a bejewelled collection of shimmering FM synthesis for DJ Lyster’s seminal YOUTH imprint, making his first label debut proper since the nugget contributed to the Sports CD collection from a little while back.  The Workshop affiliate resuscitates his Seltene Erden alias for this one, previously only spotted once on an easily missed 12” for Mule back in 2011, but here expanded into a full-scale works of glistening melodic bliss that treads a fine line between real-world and synthetic landscapes.  Moods take focus, rhythms are distant - with the gently teased hi-hats being feathered out on ‘Pavis Schema’ or the polished, elf-space exotica of ‘Twinkling Titanite’ that recalls the clean crystalline detailing of Raffaele Serra or Oval.  Kassem dives deeper from here and doubles down on the soundtracky aesthetic, moving between brittle, gauzy atmospherics (‘Rhodochrosite’) and more tempered, washed-out / free-float dub manoeuvres in a proper uon / Bbliss headspace whilst retaining that razor-sharp ear for the right sound that underpinned all those killer Workshop 12”s (and the LP!) back in the day.  Biggest of tips.  (Mint / new).

1 Mythril Shard
2 Pavis Schema
3 Twinkling Titanite
4 Belselium
5 Passage Jewel
6 Rhodochrosite
7 Temporal Earth Stone
8 Rising Core
9 Water Prismite
10 Palestone