Peace Pipe – Peace Tape VI
Peace Pipe – Peace Tape VI
Peace Pipe – Peace Tape VI

Peace Pipe – Peace Tape VI

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Label: Not On Label – none
Format: Cassette, Mixtape
Country: UK
Released: 2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Techno

Peace pipe 6, this time pitched-down occult dance.

It was very rare that I ventured out to a club on my own. Part of going out when I was a teenager was trying to persuade my mostly ambivalent friends that they really should come to this club or hear this or that DJ. And sometimes I just couldn’t. I had read or heard somewhere that there was a club in Elephant and Castle that only played Krautrock. I knew that without Kraftwerk there was no electro or techno, and as a Stereolab fan I had read endless references to Can, Faust and Neu. But so far the real music had evaded me. I had bought a Spoon repress of Ege Bam Yasi from Selectadisc. But I listened once in confusion and filed it away as a red herring: too weird, too serious, too muso. But I still needed to understand. Maybe a night playing this stuff as dance music might provide the key? Obviously my indifferent friends could not be persuaded to come, so I went on my own.

Getting into stuff underage was always a gamble. As a result I remember the feeling of being alone and stoned in the queue better than what the club looked or felt like. I don’t remember now what the crowd was like, whether I talked to anyone or how long I stayed. But I do remember dancing. Most of all I remember getting totally lost in all 18 minutes of what I subsequently discovered was Can’s Halleluwah. This was totally different to what I had experienced on other dance floors. It wasn’t the collective euphoria of house, the agitated half-step of jungle or the frustrated stumble of the indie club. It was different, deeper, somehow funky but minimal and seemly endless. I guess you might call it transcendental. I remember at the time thinking it was muddy music, earth magic, dark and damp. It was something more connected to wet wood and mossy rocks that sleek airbrushed surfaces or future-facing sound design. It unlocked something for me.

That experience inspires this mix. Maybe dance music isn’t just about a rushing group hug or a dream of music on other planets. Maybe there’s something else, a kind of alchemy that makes gold from the basest elements.... (Mint / New - with DL)

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