Paul A. R. Timmermans ‎– Meta
Paul A. R. Timmermans ‎– Meta
Paul A. R. Timmermans ‎– Meta
Paul A. R. Timmermans ‎– Meta

Paul A. R. Timmermans ‎– Meta

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Label: Not On Label (Paul A. R. Timmermans Self-released)
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Belgium
Released: 1983
Genre: Electronic
Style: Musique Concrète, Experimental

Fascinating yet criminally forgotten minimalistic sound-art / DIY Musique Concrète LP self-released in 1983 by overlooked Belgian Fluxus artist Paul A.R Timmermans.  Managing just one (known) release in his career, Timmermans name could easily have slipped away into deep, deep obscurity were it not for Keith Fullerton Whitman’s influential Creel Pone bootleg series presenting his Meta LP as a pirated CDr, seemingly much to the disapproval of Timmermans himself.  Presented as four individual pieces, the centrepiece being the title track ‘Meta’ which builds upon gently pulsating sine-waves with subtle shifting parameters and phasing techniques with what sounds like castanets or finger cymbals playing on top - the result is intoxicating and hypnotic, rewarding patient and attentive listeners with a deep, bordering ritualistic listening experience with time elastic properties.  Parallels with Ragnar Grippes’ late 70’s minimalist classic ‘Sand’ are relevant, but there’s an outsider feel here that feels detached from what was happening at Shandar.  After a brief interlude of close mic’d (and disfigured) water dropplets, ‘Klokken (1982)’ lays out a 20 minute expanse of pitched down wind chimes, revealing their natural sonic properties and exposing the resultant echoes / overtones with mesmerising effect, whilst ‘Oertaal’ finishes off with an intimate piece of whispered sound poetry.  Throughout it’s instilled with a deep sense of patience and reverence for the organic - a total mind-blower for anyone who wants to get inside sounds, topped off with a hand-engraved lead slug clamped on the sleeve, multi-lingual insert and appropriate minimalistic design qualities.  Highest recommends for anyone with insert in the recent Alma Art drops, La Monte Young, Eliane Radigue, Dockstader, and the whole Broken Music canon.  Niche but deadly! (Mint / New - unplayed deadstock).


A1 Meta (1980) 22:01
A2 Parameterspel (1980) Fragment 4:45
B1 Klokken (1982) 20:22
B2 Oertaal 5:37