NMA 6 magazine (1988)
NMA 6 magazine (1988)
NMA 6 magazine (1988)

NMA 6 magazine (1988)

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NMA (New Music Articles) was an indepedent Australian publication active throughout the 80’s and early 90’s having the aim of encouraging musicians, composers and sound artists to write about their work as a way of informing the general public, and creating wider musical debate.

Editor Alistair Riddell

Baker, Amanda. Computer music aesthetics: a composer's predicament. p3
Burt, Warren. Samples III for computer processed orchestra sounds. p7
Brophy, Philip. Sounding and sampling. p15
Riddell, Alistair. Towards a virtual piano action. p18
Mann, Chris. On not having read `Think! or perish! Towards a confident and productive Australia' by Donald Horne, Commission for the Future occasional paper. p24
Stelarc. Beyond the body. p27
Schiemer, Greg. Monophonic variations. p31
Rudolf, Mark. Notes on sociological and methodological stance with respect to music. p37
John, Cindy. Computers - performance of, and with. p39
Dick, C.H. A digital signal processor for the real-time processing of sound. p41
Gerrard, Graeme, R.P. Harris and David Hirst. Perspectives. p48