NMA 3 magazine (1984)
NMA 3 magazine (1984)
NMA 3 magazine (1984)

NMA 3 magazine (1984)

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NMA (New Music Articles) was an indepedent Australian publication active throughout the 80’s and early 90’s having the aim of encouraging musicians, composers and sound artists to write about their work as a way of informing the general public, and creating wider musical debate.

Editors Drew Cottle, John Gillies, Noel Sanders & Richard Vella.

Potts, John. Dance mania: chaos or control? p2
Berland, Jody. Re/percussions: drumming in the age of electronic reproduction. P4
Cronly, Megan. From surf city to the entertainment centre. p12
Mordue, Mark. Fascist groove thang. p17
Cottle, Drew. Spaced out Sydney. p18
Baker, Lang. Pretext ("ding") - as prelude. p24
Cunneen, Chris. Music in the services of domination. p26
Perniola, Mario. The logic of seduction. p28
Mauries, Patrick. The kingdom of the tropics: a small mythology of disco. p32
Plum, Mark. Tres fache on entre OK on sort KO... to the dancehalls of Lagos. p36
Cottle, Drew. Dancing out the depression. p38
Vella, Richard. Lookin' for the beat. p 41
Lasica, Shelley. Opening to a discussion. p56