Muslimgauze – Tandoori Dog
Muslimgauze – Tandoori Dog
Muslimgauze – Tandoori Dog

Muslimgauze – Tandoori Dog

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Label: Staalplaat – Muslimlim 010
Series: Muslimgauze Subscription – 010
Format: Vinyl, LP, Red Vinyl, LP Vinyl, LP, Green Vinyl, LP, Blue Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered
Country: Netherlands
Released: Jul 1998
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Dub, Tribal

Sand-blasted middle-eastern dub from Manchester's Muslimgauze - prized 4LP super limited late 90's Tandoori Dog.  Very hard to find anywhere as never properly released, subscription only.  (NM - with insert)

Tandoor Dog
A1 Aurum Franc Insense Ul Myrrh 5:58
A2 Girl Who Lived Inside A Sitar 3:43
A3 Invisable Hands Of Revenge 3:40
A4 Low On Qat 2:30
B1 Turkish Cypriot 4:49
B2 Under The Burka 3:47
B3 Correct Use Of Sharia 3:20
B4 Salt Caravan 2:24
Jaagheed Zarb
C1 Jaagheed Zarb 6:35
C2 Fazal Mahmood On Jute 5:11
C3 Sari Of Human Hair 5:28
C4 Iranian Silkworm 3:49
C5 Turn Right For Jabaliya 3:25
D1 Sari Of Dog Hair 4:35
D2 Zingiber 3:24
D3 Vinoo Mankad Option 8:39
D4 Hafeez Kardar 7:54
Libya Tour Guide
E1 Lalique Gadaffi Jar 4:18
E2 Mouth Piece Of... 0:47
E3 Benghazi Hotel 1:08
E4 Gadaffi Inc. 1:49
E5 Green Book 1:34
E6 Saef Edge 2:46
E7 Marzuq 2:38
E8 Moving Further In Land 2:34
E9 Ag Sidrah 0:40
E10 Benzedrine, Effendi 3:16
E11 No, Benzedrine, Effendi 1:44
F1 Tarabulus 2:24
F2 East Of Tarabulus 4:28
F3 A Guard Of Females 3:12
F4 Great Satan Shadow 4:22
F5 Down Chad 1:32
F6 Eyes Of... 2:25
F7 Kurnel 4:48
F8 Goodbye And Never Come Back 2:09
G1 Istambul Liqueur 6:37
G2 All The Stolen Land Of Palestine 5:57
G3 Lozenji Of Pure Gold 2:37
G4 The Zion Terrorist 1:58
G5 Outside Night 2:32
G6 Girl Of The Sahara 2:16
G7 Tanger Blanc Return 3:33
H1 Under The Burka 3:47
H2 Sufiq Gulf Breeze 1-2 2:46
H3 Sufiq Gulf Breeze 3 3:04
H4 Hessian Bag Of Camel Parts 3:39
H5 Sawhand Dafinda 8:33
H6 Lime Green Turban Gang 3:22