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Label: Lugar Alto ‎– LA-003
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Europe
Released: 10 Jul 2020
Genre: Electronic
Style: New Wave, Experimental, Industrial, Ambient

Total ambush by the excellent Brazilian Lugar Alto label, casually hopping from electronic folk hybrids to experimental jazz-fusion and now a previously unreleased early industrial / post-punk project from Kodiak Bachine and Celso Alves as Mumia.  I definitely had no idea this kinda shit was being made late 80’s in Brazil - odd drum machine experiments reinforced with a heavy post-punk / DIY aesthetic and underpinned by themes of the Egyptian afterlife (Mumia translate to Mummy in Portuguese).  I guess their closest UK comparison could be some of the Nocturnal Emissions stuff, or Bourbonese Qualk, even earliest Muslimgauze.. but there’s moments where the Brazilian’s (thankfully) take themselves less seriously, like on the multi-lingual wailing / LSD referencing and outrageously titled ‘’Doctor Albert Hofmann encontra em Barcelona os irmãos siameses (2 cabeças e 1 cérebro) "Pico & Peco" com sus sombreros a admirar La Raponesita de Osaka’’.  Things get a little more feral on the B-side, with a slight darker, racier electro cut ‘Massacre da Serra Elétrica I’ and gloomier, shackle shaking ‘part II’ that sounds like some sorta live exorcism with added dark synth action.  A very intriguing excavation from the São Paulo label.  Manufactured at Pallas, reverse board with insert.. (Mint / New).

1 Ave Do Deserto 4:44
2 L. Varrido 2:59
3 Doctor Albert Hofmann Encontra Em Barcelona Os Irmãos Siameses (2 Cabeças E 1 Cérebro) "Pico & Peco" Com Sus Sombreros A Admirar La Raponesita De Osaka 5:42
4 She Is Going To "The Hell" And Everybody Knows And Everybody Goes... 4:39
5 Massacre Da Serra Elétrica I 4:05
6 Massacre Da Serra Elétrica II 5:18