Minus Delta T, -Δt ‎– The Bangkok Project - Das Bangkok Projekt
Minus Delta T, -Δt ‎– The Bangkok Project - Das Bangkok Projekt
Minus Delta T, -Δt ‎– The Bangkok Project - Das Bangkok Projekt

Minus Delta T, -Δt ‎– The Bangkok Project - Das Bangkok Projekt

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Label: Ata Tak ‎– WR 21/22
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Germany
Released: 1984
Genre: Electronic, Non-Music, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Abstract, Industrial, Field Recording, Experimental

Cult LP from German performance art group Minus Delta T (-Δt) consisting of Karel Dudesek, Chrislo Haas (later DAF / CHBB) and Mike Hentz who broke away from the NDW movement to explore new modes of composition, performance and the ‘obsolescence of stage’.  This debut ‘The Bangkok Project’ is caught in an intersection between ethnography, field-recording, experimental music and the outright absurd, with the group attempting to transport a 5.5 tonne bluestone rock  plundered from the south of Wales overland to Bangkok whilst documenting the journey along the way.  The group even issued their own share holding that people could buy into the help fund their project, although not sure how that ended up.  Their immersive travelogue collects sound snippets from locals met along the way - mingling with militia groups on the front line in Lebanon, children singing folk songs in Turkey, the daily call to prayer in Damascus, locals chanting on the bus in Lahore and sounds of everyday life in Peking, all cleverly interwoven with live performances of the group themselves with the locals often joining in.  It’s interesting to see the boundaries of musician, audience and everyday life being blurred, welcoming the sound of their environment and chance encounters become part of the recording, whilst documenting this unique cross-cultural exchange at street level.  Although it feels very tongue in cheek and not overly serious, more Kesey and the Merry Pranksters than hardcore ethnographers.  There are literally no comparisons to this record - a total one off.. big one for design buffs too with the epic double fold-out sleeve including snaps and words from the trip.  Personal all timer!!! (NM/NM - with 7" top copy)

A1 Child Of God 2:07
A2 Muslim Pulse 2:02
A3 Bugo - Schligo 2:46
A4 Dallas 1:01
A5 Ata Etno Turk 2:03
A6 Tripoli 1:43
A7 Tuerken Marsch 3:54
A8 Meine Kleine Weine Nicht 3:09
A9 Bus 0:31
A10 Dervisch Furioso 2:21
A11 Zedern Babies 0:49
A12 Damaskus 1:00
A13 This Is My Life 2:05
B1 Excuse Me 2:05
B2 Motorhead 0:25
B3 Traditionelle Thaimusik Und Taenze 4:39
B4 Schiraz 3:27
B5 Malang Dervisches 1:49
B6 Ventilatordance 0:30
B7 Europhorie 4:56
B8 Wasserpumpe Des Bhyrasri Institute Of Modern Art Bangkok 0:30
B9 Savadikap 2:37
B10 Tag Der Arbeit 1 Und 2 3:12
B11 China 1:26
C Mastika (Libanon + Turkey) 5:03
D Macho (Europe + Asia) 5:26