Mickeranno ‎– Mickeranno
Mickeranno ‎– Mickeranno
Mickeranno ‎– Mickeranno

Mickeranno ‎– Mickeranno

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Label: Fischio Records ‎– none
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Italy
Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Acoustic, New Wave, Experimental, Minimal, Darkwave, Coldwave

Holy privately released Sicilian minimal / acoustic obscurity from Catania’s Mickeranno on Fischio Records.  A true enigma, any further investigation on this one leads to dead-ends with the Italian only managing to chalk-up just this sole self-released LP, which is a struggle to grasp for a work so confidently executed.  It navigates through cooly controlled shimmering guitar pieces with flourishes of muted trumpet and undercurrents of subtle, hovering synths but there’s a level of restraint and composure which totally negates his outsider status.  There’s echos of Felt in the emotional indie charm, or Vini Reilly with crystalline spindly string picks but what’s most apparent is that Mickeranno is clearly hurting, the subtle emotional pain that’s so guarded gradually starts to build, showing the first real signs of vulnerability with the pain-wrought English vocals on ‘D.D’, then manifesting through a string of beautifully melancholic, staring-into-the-distance guitar pieces but finally bubbling over to an epic, cathartic release on the gloom-wave ‘Da Un’Altra Parte’.  There’s an odd Mediterranean charm throughout, with the very measured and understated delivery adding to the emotional intensity and sense of authenticity, whilst just clocking in at a total of 34 mins really sets it up for endless repeat listens.  How this has thus far escaped the thirsty chops of the reissue hounds I do not know - total masterpiece.. (Unplayed - Mint / Sealed - can unseal for shipping (recommended).. sleeves have very tiny knock on the corner due to storage.).

A1 Decisioni
A2 Solo Voci
A3 Boh
A4 Dai Vetri
A5 D.D.
A6 E Per Un Paio Di Giorni
B1 Usciro' Ogni Sera
B2 Fotocopiandoti
B3 Nel Buio
B4 Da Un'Altra Parte
B5 Che Si Tratti Di Me?
B6 Boh (Versione)