Michael Stearns – Plunge
Michael Stearns – Plunge

Michael Stearns – Plunge

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Label: Sonic Atmospheres – SA115, Sonic Atmospheres – 115
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1986
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient

In the mid 1980’s, there was a radio programming phenomena that could be described as “New Age Pop”. A number of radio stations emerged in major metropolitan markets that played this music and as the wave crested, the music moved into satellite radio. Although Michael didn’t identify with the “New Age” movement, his music was often adopted by its’ followers, as was the music on “Plunge” and other albums. Today "Plunge" is still in rotation on satellite radio.
During that time, Michael performed every year for a gathering of people from the Christmas holiday through New Year at the Asilomar conference center on the Monterey Peninsula in California. The conference was hosted by Brugh Joy and David Spangler, each year having a specific theme. Wisdomkeepers associated with the theme were invited to speak and Michael would play concerts to open for them. He wrote a lot of music for those concerts. One year with a science fiction theme, he opened for Frank Herbert, author of “Dune”. Another year scientist Brian Swimme spoke, author of “The Universe is a Green Dragon” and Michael was very moved by his presentation. The album “Plunge” had this quote from Brian’s book in the liner notes: “Plunge into the work of living as surprise become aware of itself. You are the essence of surprise, the heart and core of play. Show yourself as truly as you can, and you will in that moment shine with the freedom and frolic and fecundity of creative play.”


A1 Splash 3:34
A2 Two Memories 3:26
A3 Penguins On Mars 4:35
A4 Dark Passage 4:38
A5 Space Grass 4:19
A6 Tickle 1:46
B1 Entry 4:00
B2 Plunge 5:21
B3 Whoosh! 7:15
B4 Bell Tear 1:50
B5 Exit 2:20
B6 Loose Ends 0:59