Mark Shreeve – Thoughts Of War
Mark Shreeve – Thoughts Of War

Mark Shreeve – Thoughts Of War

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Label: Uniton Records – Uniton 001
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Norway
Released: 1981
Genre: Electronic
Style: Berlin-School

1981 Berlin-school dome destroyer from flannel-clad English man Mark Shreeve on Norweigan imprint Uniton Records.  The circumstances of this one alone are odd - a Brit goin' full Klaus Schultz and kicking off a Scandi label that went on to release the likes of Tim Story, Dome, Conrad Schnitzler and more.  It's a full-on synth jizz fest - a perfect one for those epic nights in alone set aside for psychedelic revelry and thorougher, no-holes-bared introspection.  The track titles alone suggest Mark wants you to buckle up for a wild ride ('Escalation', 'Nightmares Of Reality'), it's an obvious journey through never-ending intergalactic vistas, brooding moods and expansive washed-out vapour trails.  A real sonic odyssey that takes OBVIOUS inspiration from the Germans but done in that slightly off-kilter, totally DIY way akin to other Brits who attempted this sorta stuff (see recent Tim Stebbing comp).  Exploratory sonic wanderings aside - the real highlight is the quote on the back.. 'Negative listeners will as usual slaughter this special music, even though Mark's music is much more interesting than all English and American pop/rock music put together.  But listen to it yourself, preferably with open ears, then perhaps you will also be left to your own fantasies...?' ..(NM/NM)

Thoughts Of War - Part One (15:16)
A1.1 Escalation
A1.2 Cold Emotion
A2 Nightmare Of Reality 14:41
B1 Dream Sequence 10:30
Thoughts Of War - Part Two (18:33)
B2.1 Funeral In Desolation
B2.2 Remembrance
B2.3 "...Ashes To Dust..."