Mark Lockett And Janet Sherbourne ‎– Slower Than Molasses
Mark Lockett And Janet Sherbourne ‎– Slower Than Molasses

Mark Lockett And Janet Sherbourne ‎– Slower Than Molasses

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Label: Practical Music – Pr.3
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1986
Genre: Classical
Style: Modern, Avant-garde Jazz, Contemporary

Last ever deadstock copies of this gracefully eccentric experimental-pop classic in the making.

Trying to find and understand old music is an endurance event. Some people are happy enough to get as far as the Beatles/Hendrix/Zeppelin level and give up. Others make it as far as Throbbing gristle/Cramps/SunRa and congratulate themselves on a job well done. But, for the real chislers, no stone must be left unturned. In their fevered brains, every one time experimental music lecturer or occasional reggae drummer has a box of forgotten self-released LPs in the loft awaiting re-discovery. Janet Sherbourne is the kind of artist who exists to give these types hope. Operating across love-struck late night vocal ballads, dreamy minimal piano, oddball pop and a laced-up English take on Gamelan and latin jazz, she has been following her own logic since the late 70s. This LP made in 1986 in conjunction with pianist Mark Lockett is a perfect way into her world, and original copies have been slowly leaking out via her website and via various record dealers over the last few years. The title track is ten minutes of gorgeous snail’s pace piano and would be worth the price of entry alone. But there’s also ‘All You Can Eat’ a kind of 80s soul goes to art-school pop song about food and sex that definitely shouldn’t work but undoubtedly does. Plus ‘Luna’ which hitches Meredith Monk-esque wordless art song to rippling gong patterns. And these are just for starters. File alongside Deux Files, Woo, Virginia Astley and the whole Lovely Music catalog. Never mind England’s hidden reverse, this is the other side of the underneath.. (mint / new - with locally screen printed sleeve)


Show Credits
A1 Heavy Set
A2 Tree Sequence
A3 Slower Than Molasses
A4 All You Can Eat
B1 Chian
B2 My Lovesick Hours
B3 Click!
B4 Tree Sequence 2
B5 19 To The Dozen
Two Palindromic Songs
B6 A) Sirian Air
B7 B) Luna