Jorg Kuning – BH005
Jorg Kuning – BH005

Jorg Kuning – BH005

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Label: Bakk Heia Records – BH005
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Country: UK
Released: 2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Abstract

Weird 'n wigged out techy dance trax from Levenshulme's notorious Bakk Heia crew.. (Mint / New)

We once again call upon Jorg Kuning for his sonic offerings. In answer, he has delivered four bubbling, pulsating tracks that ooze with organic vitality. The fruit of Jorg’s labour comes shrouded in morning mist from the Black Mountains, their meticulous details expanding and collapsing like dew drops in earthly pools.

The record begins with ‘Simmons’. Deep, amphibious sub bass drives the elements in perpetual forward motion. Atonal squeals wriggle through the undergrowth, cutting swathes of space to make room for the chords; whose arrival descend like manna to nourish us in all their microtonal glory.
We then ramble onto ‘Transplant’. Joyful squelches tumble around an Entish kick drum; the healing vibrations of which swell with the clinical serenity of the jazz indebted stabs. Pads swell and shine above the vegetation, leaving fractal trails in their wake.

The B side marches on with ‘Dripgoove’. The crystal clear, angular elements are playfully squeezed out of Jorg’s machines. The rhythm section approaches us with primeval generosity, until the quaking tension is finally released and the dam is open.
The holistic ‘Bodyscan’ concludes the trip. Beginning with gentle warming movement, the energy quickly takes a decidedly more twisted turn. When the sun sets on the shimmering keys, Jorg’s synthetic seagulls signal our return to the murk; the ensuing groove driving us deeper towards the earth’s core.

A1 Simmons
A2 Transplant
B1 Dripgroove
B2 Bodyscan