Inca Eyeball ‎– Barry White Comes
Inca Eyeball ‎– Barry White Comes

Inca Eyeball ‎– Barry White Comes

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Label: Spleencoffin ‎– SP-41-LP
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 12 Oct 2015
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Experimental, Noise

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Sheep Spray
A1 There Can Be No New Inca Eyeball Record And There Will Be No New Inca Eyeball Record 00:20
A2 Nauticality 00:27
A3 Holding Up Poundstretcher Only As An Example 00:01
A4 Punched His Cigarette Down His Throat 00:17
A5 Diet Secrets, Only Fish Oil 00:08
A6 The Swindled Raver 00:25
A7 Scissoring With Runs 00:26
A8 You'll See Some Right Costumes 00:30
A9 Writer C. 00:13
A10 A Blunt Riff 00:34
A11 Alcoholism 00:15
A12 Cheeky Mister, Put 10p In A Barrell 00:09
A13 Mashworthy 00:40
A14 Production 00:11
A15 Wallop The Copse 00:27
A16 Straight Straight Music 00:18
A17 Super Furry 00:29
A18 Instrumental Exposition For Starting The Tape 00:13
A19 Song With Clunky Title, The Words 'Celebrity' And 'Dostoevsky' Somehow Connected, Thrown Together 00:27
A20 I Am Belgian New Beat 00:27
A21 I Am Woman 00:26
A22 Dharma In The Mirror 00:33
A23 The Cat Feels Feeble And The Mouse Feels Tense And The Dog Feels Just Confused 00:30
A24 Behind A Painted Chocolate Smile 00:11
A25 Internet Breakdown Song 00:26
A26 Pile Of Beans 00:26
A27 Non Musical Youth 00:24
A28 Veronix - The Very Light 00:35
A29 I Cannot Ever Sleep 00:37
A30 The Barbarians 00:02
A31 I Am A Beautiful Stick 00:30
A32 Impartial Bollocking 00:17
A33 "It's Only A Link" Song 00:17
A34 No Circle Spiralled And No Star Twinkled (No Star Was Born) 00:26
A35 Dead Heavy Metal Gob 00:11
A36 Ffloating 00:22
A37 Originationals Of Language 00:59
A38 The Bed At The End Of The Stage 00:24
A39 Bat 00:26
A40 Horace Goes Crackling 00:16
A41 Mug Brother 00:30

Posthumous Thoughts Of Hats
B42 Teepee Tope 00:19
B43 Near To The Beer 00:44
B44 Immediate Doctor Instrumentalist 00:30
B45 Nockey Picker's Brylcreema Lifestyle 00:23
B46 Crocodile Tears 00:29
B47 House Brick Dick 00:15
B48 Hughy 00:37
B49 Be Your Own Pathetic 00:33
B50 Purple Sockies 00:10
B51 Be Your Own Parenthesis 00:07
B52 Wall Of The Men 00:25
B53 Vanimous / Vanamous 00:12
B54 Roy Orbison Two Disregard Roy Orbison One 00:38
B55 Sugar Daddy Money Song 00:30
B56 What Would You Prefer? 00:18
B57 Get Off A Train And Look For A Reason 00:12
B58 From The Department Of Extra Mural Studies 00:13
B59 Verbate Them! 00:32
B60 I Am Talent Contest 00:14
B61 Flappy 00:31
B62 One Hundredth In Command 00:16
B63 Not As Brilliant As It Looks 00:11
B64 Acid Trip 00:30
B65 Lit Up Plank Of Wood Song 00:08
B66 Identitity 00:24
B67 New York New York 00:17
B68 How Much Interest Is There In This 00:14
B69 Nestling 00:18
B70 There's Nothing In The Teapot But Dope And Dinner 00:14
B71 Moooon 00:35
B72 Tit-Tilting The Scalies Of Justice 00:26
B73 My Retirement Song 00:09
B74 Into The Garden 00:14
B75 Real Time Travellers 00:30
B76 Forgetable 00:01
B77 Robbed With Hand 00:23
B78 Fifty-Watt Bulb 00:17
B79 New Number Song 00:19
B80 Stay Close To Me 00:18
B81 Propostrophy 00:17
B82 Piss Crease 00:23
B83 Don't Cry No Tears 00:18