I’m Not You – New Bright Object
I’m Not You – New Bright Object

I’m Not You – New Bright Object

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Label:    Fourth Sounds – FS002
Format:     Vinyl, LP
Country:    UK
Released:    23 Jan 2023
Genre:    Jazz, Rock
Style:    Post Rock

This collection of tunes started life as a string of recordings made in Alex’s mother’s painting studio at the edge of an East Lothian field in the summer of 2018. The intention was to develop the material into what would become the third in a series of EPs recorded across Scotland, following sessions in a Johnshaven guesthouse and a Dunroston cottage.

However, as we began to work up the songs in the months that followed, the compositions began to grow into something more substantial. Over the next 3 years of train travel, staring at screens, careful contemplation and waiting to record final piano parts in Niall's parents' house, an LP was born.

This album is the result of many late nights of mouse-clicking and long-distance discussion, but it is our sincere hope that the excitement we both felt during those early summer days of prodding at a handful of ideas can still be heard in what we present here. (Mint / New)

A1        Mr Wind-up Bird
A2        A Certain Arrangement Of Atoms
A3        The Older I Get
B1        What Cats Think About
B2        People Who Know What They Want
B3        Or, The Whale