Hypnotic Sleep / The Fulmars - Autumn Glory
Hypnotic Sleep / The Fulmars - Autumn Glory

Hypnotic Sleep / The Fulmars - Autumn Glory

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Label: Kashual Plastik
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Country: Germany
Genre: Rock
Style: Lo-Fi

The Fulmars returns!!!!  (Mint / New)

“Is anybody really free, prisoners of the strange society, why is it we're forced to be products of the new reality? Drifting through time and space and all the while feeling out of place”, a late DIY spirit once asked into the blue. Years later, a soulmate uncalled answered, “Let the shadow rise high and turn me to stone, because I hold true to a god of my own. Don't need a rainbow to show me the way, I got my own religion, I'm a child of clay”. Now, almost twenty more years later, Kashual Plastik adds some layers on the conversation, delivering a split 7inch single by some modern castaways: German drummer, bass player, singer, and video artists Hypnotic Sleep and his lo-fi rock side project The Fulmars, that he runs with the enigmatic musician Sara aka Teacherface. Four songs, four foggy notions. Somewhere out there between The Velvets, The Make-Up garage, Dead Moon soft zones, Elodie Lauten Postminimalism, Party of One simplicity, folk drones, comedy, and tragedy. Hypnotic, minimalistic song gems hauntingly recorded by the directors of the shadowy Hüüpnootsche Platen Un Kassetten label from Hagen, Germany, a place where nobody knows where the drama begins. Yet, everybody feels when it hits. At least Hypnotic Sleep and The Fulmars, who wrapped their human condition into four evocative artworks. You can sense it everywhere, but never hear it. Invisible and all-powerful, they tell stories in a distinct language to which they alone have the key. We only can close the door, leave the sunshine out, and drift along through time and space, feeling thoroughly in place.


1 - Hypnotic Sleep - Schnäi in en Braukwischen 01:57
2 - Hypnotic Sleep - Wiset Mi 03:46
3 - The Fulmars - Hanging at the Polder 02:54
4. - The Fulmars - No Hugs 02:33