Happy Halloween ‎– To All The Leaders
Happy Halloween ‎– To All The Leaders
Happy Halloween ‎– To All The Leaders
Happy Halloween ‎– To All The Leaders

Happy Halloween ‎– To All The Leaders

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Label: Natural Sciences - natural053 
Format: Cassette, Numbered, C20, Chrome
Country: UK
Released: Re, 2021
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Experimental

Mutant dutch minimal wave cuts from DIY underground icon Happy Halloween dredged up from the gutter by Manchester's Natural Sciences label.. with 2-sided colour insert.. (Mint / New)

In 1985, from his parents house in the Netherlands, Happy Halloween self-released his own music under the Turntable Tapes banner, putting out three cassettes of punk electronics that were largely given out to friends, neighbours and disgruntled relatives before being discarded into the alley-ways of history.

Recording vocals and instruments onto tape before re-recording back and layering another, his releases on TT are the epitome of the DIY cassette scene, drawing on the sounds of underground radio stations and VHS horror, to create a pure form of teenage disgust from someone who never aspired to be commercial - hell, even liked, by anyone.

Today we're pleased to officially put out his three impossible to find label releases, comp tracks and alternative cuts, which we've pulled together into a single 17-track tape which is limited to 50 copies. The release also includes unseen photos and liner notes. Mad respect to Roel Meelkop for trusting us with his archive.


Days 1 and 2 (Four Days in Monotony) TT001 09:16
Days 3 and 4 (Four Days in Monotony) TT001 09:14
What's New (To All The Leaders) TT002 02:13
City Limits (To All The Leaders) TT002 03:52
Waves (To All The Leaders) TT002 03:32
Them (To All The Leaders) TT002 04:09
Master 2 (To All The Leaders) TT002 03:43
Identification (To All The Leaders) TT002 03:43
Life (To All The Leaders) TT002 01:27
Saints (The Speed of Mind) TT003 05:01
Cut (The Speed of Mind) TT003 04:25
I Try (The Speed of Mind) TT003 04:23
Unclear (The Speed of Mind) TT003 03:18
Car (The Speed of Mind) TT003 01:45
Oh! The Night (V/A Harsh Ears Now!!) 04:25
The Last Resort (V/A Harsh Ears Now!!) 03:07
What's New (Alt Version) (V/A The New Rock n' Roll) 02:11