Graham Lambkin – Softly Softly Copy Copy
Graham Lambkin – Softly Softly Copy Copy

Graham Lambkin – Softly Softly Copy Copy

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Label: Blank Forms
Format: LP
Country: US
Released: 2021
Genre: Electronic
Style: Field Recording, Musique Concrète, Folk, Experimental

Individual RP'd copy of Graham Lambkin's previously CD-only album 'Softly Softly Copy Copy' stripped from the recent 'Solos' boxset unleashed by Blank Forms.. words below! (Mint / New)

I’ve been working up the courage to attempt to wrap my own words around this BEAST of a boxset shepherded into existence from Blank Forms. Solos collects four of Lambkin’s self-released works that were created between the end of his time spent with The Shadow Ring and his later improvisational duo pieces - a time of distinct creativity marked by a move to Poughkeepsie, NY with his family. Underpinned by an appreciation of the mundane and banal, the recordings are birthed out of everyday domestic situations whilst exploring the liminal spaces between listening, producing and recording - organising sounds in a way to elicit their own masked qualities. The atmosphere is heavy set with everyday field recordings and contact mic rustle - the fact that nothing is happening means that everything is happening and the sound of someone making a cup tea becomes an opera. A good friend (life long Lambkin supporter) perfectly summed it up as ‘domestic psychedelia’ or ‘the sound of the frozen food aisle in Tesco’s opening up into an endless vista’. He’s right, and having been aware of this stuff before this BIG box but less so with the ‘music’, I’m struggling to convey the level of brain-ruin this one has inflicted since properly settling down to digest. More details on the individual components below, but I’d advise to go in blind and spend a week with this lot if you really want to detach from reality - a monster!

1 Untitled 20:40
2 Untitled 20:40