Gen Ken ‎– Beyond My Ken
Gen Ken ‎– Beyond My Ken

Gen Ken ‎– Beyond My Ken

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Label: Discos Esplendor Geometrico ‎– EGD 017
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Spain
Released: 1989
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental

Wild, unhinged synth experiments from electronics explorer, sound-artist and record store / gallery owner ‘Gen’ Ken Montgomery.  This one recorded in the studio of regular collaborator Conrad Schnitzler sees Gen Ken letting his analog experiments run loose, which are as much about interesting tone / timbre manipulation as they are embracing the spontaneity and unintended results that can arise when working with generative music.  The entire A-side is taken up by the dizzying 20 minute epic of ‘New Age Machines’, a disorientating 3D electronic collage that recalls the early experiments by Hungarian artist László Dubrovay and could comfortably sit alongside any of the Creel Pone bits.  The B-side captures segments of this systems-led sound generative process, each with a unique character whilst managing to strike a balance between the more academic-led electronics experiments from Tod Dockstader / William Strickland and more home-brewed DIY ethos of John Bender.  A real synthetic head melter.  (NM/NM)

A1 New Age Machines 19:56
B1 Up The Backwards Treppe Avanti 2:22
B2 A Question Of Arrival 2:13
B3 Forced Hesitation 2:21
B4 Testing Without Hypothesis 2:06
B5 Monkey In The Window 2:17
B6 Rolling On A Whisper 2:35
B7 The Missing Half Of The Langensheid Bridge 2:18
B8 Stepping On The Red Wire Undertow 2:16
B9 Fallout On Lietzensee 2:24