Gamba ‎– Hessian
Gamba ‎– Hessian

Gamba ‎– Hessian

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Label: ANA ‎– ANA002
Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, EP
Country: UK
Released: Jun 2019
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Grime, Experimental

ANA unleash another bout of refreshingly NEW club material from completely unknown producer Gamba (reveal yourself sir!) with his debut Hessian EP.  Running the London > MCR axis, these guys are only two releases in and already getting enthusiastic nods of approval from all the right people.  Here Gamba hits peak late-night techno dread, angst-riddled and set against swaths of probing sub-bass and fierce percussive swing.  'Hessian' is properly propulsive, driving, all-in kitchen-sink techno with so much MOVEMENT and sophistication that it really defies the label's / producer's fledgling status whilst taking a dump on the endless, endless slew of monotonous, paint-by-numbers kick / snare techno of late. Yes, you could properly loose it to this, make no mistake.  A little more restraint 'Lesion', patiently unfurls into a brooding, singular take on broken UK techno that again exercises perfect RESTRAINT.. more of that please, whilst 'Grife' settles into a more minimal, lurking out of the shadows flex with its feathered hi-hats, swelling sub-bass drone and brisk rim-shots.  Is it too early to start thinking of those dreaded EOY lists.. YES, but regardless this one is hard-filed no doubt. (MINT / NEW).