Flying Saucer Attack ‎– In Search Of Spaces
Flying Saucer Attack ‎– In Search Of Spaces
Flying Saucer Attack ‎– In Search Of Spaces

Flying Saucer Attack ‎– In Search Of Spaces

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Label: VHF Records ‎– vhf#145
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Remastered
Country: US
Released: Nov 2017
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Noise, Experimental, Ambient, Drone, Space Rock

First ever reissue for this unique Flying Saucer Attack live album. Expanded with additional material and a new side 4 mix from Jim O’Rourke. Produced in collaboration with Dave Pearce/FSA and Bruce Russell (compiler of the original CD release for his Corpus Hermeticum label). New artwork by Bruce Russell.

While rightly known for the folk-influenced songs and spacey instrumentals of their proper albums, the briefly active live version of FSA unexpectedly delivered a blistering wave of electric sound. Recorded at various shows in 1994, In Search of Spaces heaves with long passages of feedback guitar racket, broken up by sections of surging rock music. The 1994 live band focused almost exclusively on visceral, trebly guitar noise - which while always a key element in the FSA sound, was greeted by audiences with total mystification (and often disapproval). Following a few brief attempts to settle a lineup and play songs from their records, Dave Pearce/FSA abandoned live performance altogether, leaving behind this album (and a barely available CDR) as the sole document of his in-person delivery.

Originally compiled and released as a CD in 1996 by the Dead C’s Bruce Russell, this reissue adds several minutes of music back to the original program that had been edited out by FSA for being “too rock.” For side 4, Jim O’Rourke revisited the original 1994 live tapes and has made a spooky and brooding new mix of music exclusive to this release. (mint / new)

A1 Untitled 20:33
B2 Untitled 21:05
C3 Untitled 18:08
D4 Untitled 16:52