Enchante ‎– Mind In Camden 2
Enchante ‎– Mind In Camden 2

Enchante ‎– Mind In Camden 2

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Label: Jolly Discs ‎– JD010
Format: Cassette, Album
Country: UK
Released: 24 Oct 2019 

Style: Ambient, Field Recording, House

Just getting all excited and about to write about this NEW Mind In Camden 2 tape from Enchante that’s been getting a hammering all week and then clocked it came out in 2019, HA.. eye clearly not on the ball.  What a screamer though!  The perfect follow up by Guy Gormley’s club-leaning alias to the original Mind In Camden EP that’s always been a hit here, although now operating on a much wider plane.  The stuttering drum machine cuts that feature early on recall bits of Hype Williams production without the obfuscation, followed by the quivering ambient organ piece ‘St. Michael’ and acoustic faux-folk of ‘No One’s Arms’.  Despite the diverse range of sounds and styles on offer, there’s an uncanny sense of cohesion, probably cemented through the outsider feel that underpins it, or that the building blocks can be traced back to club music, no matter how circuitous.  The synthetic spiderweb of ‘Virgil’ draws comparison to Anthony Manning’s intricate constructs on Irdial, filtered and delay-drenched for 6 minutes of mind-spiralling hypnotism, setting up the rolling, breezy, minimal (dare I say tech, although not a dirty word here) house epic of ‘Rise To Infinity’ that brings to mind, what, hi-grade Romanian minimal (Barac, Petre Inspirescu), Melchoir productions, or even the holy Stablo series.  Yeah!  WOW.  Sold out everywhere seemingly.. (Mint / New)

A1 Enter
A2 Mind In Camden
A3 Caught In A Dream
A5 St. Michael
A6 No One's Arms But My Own
B1 Vigil
B2 Cleanzing Interlude
B3 Rise To Infinity