Edward Williams – Life On Earth
Edward Williams – Life On Earth

Edward Williams – Life On Earth

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Label: Trunk Records – JBH034LP
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Mono
Country: UK
Released: Oct 26, 2009
Genre: Electronic, Classical, Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack, Score, Contemporary

Epic life on earth OST.. (NM)

A1 Life On Earth Begins In The Sun's Energy
A2 First Fossils - Blue Greens - Ciliates
A3 Comb Jellies - Hydromedusae - 'Birth' Of A Medusa - Gymnopedie For Jellyfish
A4 Coral Larvae - Arabesque For Flatworms
A5 The Giant Clam - Slow Dance For Nudibranchs - Glaucus And Valella
A6 The Sex Life Of The Fern - Spores, Fertilization And Growth - Pine Cones And The Petrified Forest
A7 Coming Out Music - The Leaf Bug - The Spiny Leaf Insect Sheds Its Skin - Cocoon Spinners
A8 Fish Of The Sea - Shoals And Loners On The Reef
B1 Eusthenopteron And The Primeval Swamp
B2 Nile Crocodile Family - Oral Transport For The Young
B3 Mating Dance For Prairie Garter Snakes
B4 Birds In Flight - Stork - Fairy Tern - Sooty Tern - Tropic Bird - Frigate Bird - Albatross
B5 A Gallimaufry Of Small Mammals - Duckbilled Platipus Swimming - Desman Underwater - Pygmy Or (Silky Furred) Anteater And Baby - Flying Foxes - The Serval Pounces
B6 The Big Mammals - Elephants And Their Ancestors - Lion Hunt - Wildebeeste Stampede - Lion Kill
B7 Japanese Macaques - Warm Baths In A Snowscape
B8 Man - A Choice For The Future Of Life On Earth?