Dominique Lawalrée – Brins D'Herbe
Dominique Lawalrée – Brins D'Herbe

Dominique Lawalrée – Brins D'Herbe

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Label: Editions Walrus – WLS 005
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Belgium
Released: 1978
Genre: Classical
Style: Contemporary, Neo-Classical

Beautiful copy of the 1978 LP Brins D'Herbe from late Belgian composer Dominique Lawalrée up on the wall today.

Lawalrée’s privately released works published via his own Editions Walrus label have been a long obsession for us (and many others), sadly long under-appreciated until the last years of his years.  The Bosendorfer piano takes centre stage, whilst the compositions often feel wistful, melancholic but with a sense of humour.  Satie’s influence permeates much of the work, but occasionally he slips into brighter / ragtime-y mode that feels connected to his lifelong obsession with the Beatles.  Surprisingly Marc Hollander of Crammed Discs / Aksak Maboul features on the first time and it’s nice to know they were connected but equally strange to understand how Lawalrée remained quite musically isolated his whole life.  It’s rare to hear a musician so immersed in their own private world.  (NM.NM)

A1 Poker (Imep's Boogie)
A2 Blues II
A3 Stour Cream
A4 London Taxi
A5 Of Course
A6 Flight 3.0.5.
A7 Blues I
A8 Chanson Sans Paroles
B1 Blues IV
B2 For Mr E
B3 Little Things
B4 Sorry
B5 Carrousel
B6 Milk Shake
B7 So Long