Dip Friso - Crocodile Or Real?
Dip Friso - Crocodile Or Real?

Dip Friso - Crocodile Or Real?

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Label: Real Landscape – REAL002
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Released: 2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Ambient, Dub,

Totally oddball Dub/Hip Hop cut-up brilliance from 12th isle associate and under the radar Glasgow hero Dip Frisco..

There’s a certain category of record that never sounds the same way twice. It’s often a collage of short tracks that leave you disoriented, packed full of unlikely loops drifting across each other broken up by startling jump cuts. This is the perfect example - a pataphysical Dub/hip hop port-manteau so stuffed full of ideas it feels genuinely dissociative. Think the Faust Tapes crossed with the outer edges of Adrian Sherwood and Prince Paul at his most lysergic. Aw-Gee 60s spoken samples cut in and out and dancehall rhythms clash with rock drum breaks. Particular attention should be paid to the final track Storm Clouds, a stuttering waltz across the mixing desk that hangs around long enough to truly dip your head in the sauce. Yes the spectre of Trip Hop rears its head here, and for folks old enough to remember the genre that dared not speak its name first time round, this might raise a wry smile. But in the search for full-strength head music we must leave no stone unturned. File next to the Winos, Tapes or Spillage Fete at their most head nodding... (Mint / New)


1. Crocodile or Real
2. Bananas
3. Looking
4. Good Morning
5. Zig Zag Serpentine
6. On The Platform
7. Seventh Dub
8. In The Carriage
9. That Is Ugly (What's Going On?)
10. Danger Waters
11. Last Train (To Glasgow Central)
12. Storm Clouds