Delphine Dora -  Hymnes Apophatiques
Delphine Dora -  Hymnes Apophatiques

Delphine Dora - Hymnes Apophatiques

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Label: Morc
Format: CD
Country: Belgium
Released: 2022
Genre: Electronic, Classical,
Style: Experimental

Glorious devotional anthems!  (Mint / New)

During the summer of 2021, Delphine was invited for a residency at the church of St Saphorin (Switzerland), on the occasion of the Jolie Vue Festival. Having the opportunity to fully explore the organ the days before the actual festival, Delphine improvised a long, long series of tracks, of which you’ll find a small selection on ‘hymnes apophatiques’.

She’s definitely full of respect for the organ, at some moments diving deep in the sound traditionally associated with this rich instrument – the one you’ll recognize from the hours spent in church as a kid. However, at many moments throughout the album the sound is more playful than we’re used to. It’s a fearless approach. The fact that she dares to intervene with her voice quite often really makes her recordings stand out from those of many other artists who have been experimenting with a church organ lately: she definitely has a high regards for the tradition of the organ, but refuses to bow. She’s in charge, not the instrument itself. This way, Delphine manages to bend the sound completely her way.

It’s an enthralling listen, that not only takes you along all the possibilities of the instrument, but also through Delphine’s entire musical path. And that’s quite a journey.


1. L'espace transcendant 03:52
2. La plénitude des signes 02:35
3. S'extraire de l'abîme 03:17
4. Ritournelle scolastique #1 02:01
5. Athanor 02:06
6. Mystère indicible 02:13
7. Ritournelle scolastisque #2 01:45
8. Allégresse 01:45
9. L'immuable sous-jacent 03:08
10. La table d'émeraude 01:53
11. L'abîme qui les sépare 01:44
12. Kaïros 01:36
13. Eon 05:02
14. L'esprit vide 01:49
15. Opus Divinum 06:12
16. Immobilité 03:31
17. Saisir l'éternité dans le temps 01:31