Dan Melchior ‎– Plays 'The Greys'
Dan Melchior ‎– Plays 'The Greys'

Dan Melchior ‎– Plays 'The Greys'

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Label: Ever/Never ‎– e/n-015
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 25 Mar 2016
Genre: Rock, Blues
Style: DIY

Words from E/N below.. (mint / new)

Dan Melchior is artist as perpetual motion machine. We could say
“shark,” but Dan doesn’t sniff for blood in the water. Instead, he is
inviting you to his private lake; his solace relies on his relentless
creativity. Whether painting, writing, collaging or recording, Dan
offers nothing less than words, images and sounds transmitted
directly from his subconscious, but filtered through the rigorous
process of a true artist. Dan’s latest offering is a superb collection
of songs and sonic vignettes that dips down deep into life’s
trenches. Here, where light has to fight to be noticed, misery,
monotony and melancholy mingle and bleed into one another.
Accordingly, Dan doesn’t play the blues, he plays the greys.

Plays The Greys is a patchwork album, but don’t let
 that imply
carelessness. Each odd juxtaposition serves a purpose and
illuminates its surroundings like a torch in the night. Part one and
part two of the title track are perfect examples of Dan’s decidedly
non-academic approach to musique concrete’s a-musical gestures.
Field recordings bump up against back-porch guitar plucking that
morphs into radio declarations by the good Christians among us.
Praise be.

In more ways than one, “Death Has No Mercy” is the center of the
album. Midway through its hazy meanderings, “Death…” jumps
into an uptempo backwoods jaunt. It’s good to know that the
guitar is always there, providing a means for expression and
catharsis. Suffering in recent years through immense personal
tragedy, Dan channels all that pain and helplessness into an
extended rumination on grief and the challenge of living with
permanent ache. So forget what I wrote earlier -- Dan Melchior
has indeed made a blues album, one fit for 2016, and beyond.
- e/n

A1 Reverse Twine Time
A2 Bottom Of The Sea (Version)
A3 Plays The Greys Pt.1
A4 Boogie Chillen
A5 Plays The Greys Pt.2
A6 Death Don't Have No Mercy
B1 Twine Two
B2 Walking Greys
B3 For Barbara
B4 Smirk & Chuckle
B5 Length Of Pipe (Version)
B6 Railway Train
B7 I Can't