Dan Melchior – Excerpts (& Half-Speeds)
Dan Melchior – Excerpts (& Half-Speeds)

Dan Melchior – Excerpts (& Half-Speeds)

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Label: Kye – KYE 16
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: Feb 2012
Genre: Rock
Style: Lo-Fi, Experimental

Dan Melchior is known by many as a long-standing footsoldier of garage rock. Throughout his fifteen years of service Dan has gained a reputation as being one of the few in his field willing to test the flexibility of an otherwise stagnant genre. Last year's brilliant Assemblage Blues LP (Siltbreeze) showed Dan scratching at the bars of his cage, restricted by the very domain he dominates. Excerpts (& Half-Speeds) is Dan Melchior's hammer to the mirror; a courageous act of self-vandalism, reducing his own sonic signature to a series of fractured sketches, riffs, and run-throughs, glued together to create something akin to Another Green World for the Fuck-off! generation.. (Mint / New)

A1 528 E 13th St
A2 Done With Thingy
A3 In The Loft
A4 Laughing
A5 Clattering With Frankie
A6 The Dramatic
A7 Glen Explains
A8 Dogwood Sodium Green
B1 Sand Job
B2 8 O'Clock Squirrel
B3 Planets > Mr. Shifter
B4 Tentage
B5 Acetelyne Riptooth
B6 Ferrytale
B7 New Golem
B8 Old Golem