Daily Fauli ‎– Fauli Til Dauli
Daily Fauli ‎– Fauli Til Dauli

Daily Fauli ‎– Fauli Til Dauli

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Label: Minimal Wave ‎– MW073
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Green
Country: US
Released: May 2020
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synth-pop, Minimal

Holiest of holy Danish DIY minimal wave obscurity from Daily Fauli gets its much-anticipated turn on the reissue conveyorbelt.  The perfect combination of bedroom experimentation and adolescent mischief, 20 y/o Søren Fauli (now a respected film maker / actor) apparently stole the Casio synth that features heavily, wrote the songs and self-recoded the whole thing in just a week.  But for all it’s naivety, Fauli Til Dauli is more than worthy of its high-cult status.  Lyrics are split between Danish and English, containing more than a few laugh-out-loud moments, such as the ridiculous ode to methamphetamine on the muscle-bound CH-BB / Diseño Corbusier styled ‘Speed’ or the queasier ‘Bird’ where young Fauli declares the age-old wish to be a bird and fly away (I’m a human and can’t fly).  At these points it’s hard to tell if we’re expected to take anything seriously, but the delivery and execution is totally endearing.  Switching between styles, the more head-banging, punk-informed ‘Hård Kogt 1 / 2’ revolve around common adolescent past-times such drinking, fighting and promiscuous sex, whilst ‘No 1 On 2’ flips into an epic, Klaus Schultz synth-expanse, setting up the deep, drum-machine drift of ‘Nobody Home’.  Sure I’m not alone in feeling totally swapped / desensitised to the heavy flow of 80’s minimal synth reissues but this one is seriously TOO good.. (W/ Printed inner Mint / New)..

A1 Bus
A2 Out Of Sync
A3 Bird
A4 Zoo 2
A5 Hård Kogt 1
B1 No 1 On 2
B2 Nobody Home
B3 Speed
B4 Hård Kogt 2
B5 Svinet