Cardiacs – Toy World
Cardiacs – Toy World
Cardiacs – Toy World

Cardiacs – Toy World

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Label: Not On Label (Cardiacs Self-Released) – none
Format: Cassette, Album, C60
Country: UK
Released: 1981
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk, Avantgarde, Experimental

Super rare + collectable self-released demo tapes from The Cardiacs..(NM)

This brilliant, one-of-a-kind pop band released a number of extremely rare demo albums as cassette tapes in the early 1980s -- and I was shocked that the versions I discovered circulating online are all recorded at a much slower, incorrect speed, resulting in the recordings all being the wrong pitch as well. As a result - and again, if you're reading this and know where to find a better quality recording than what's out there send it my way - all previously available copies or bootlegs fail to properly represent the original sound captured during the "Toy World" recording sessions.

Until now.

Thanks to the limited amount of properly remixed tracks from these sessions available on the 1989 compilation "Archive Cardiacs," I had an official reference with which to compare, create, and clean up a bootleg rip of "Toy World." Now at the original speed and original pitch, at last, the way it should be... even if a band member previously referred to the cassette mixes as "so shit it wouldn’t matter if they were copied onto washing-up sponges." Indeed, this is still an incredibly raw recording to begin with and there's only so much you can change. Still, my ears are happier with it than they've ever been.

As far as I know, and with the master tapes lost to time, this remix I've done is now the closest you can get to experiencing Cardiacs' second-ever studio album. I implore any producer friends I know with more mixing experience to take this project on themselves, and perhaps someday their management will organize a full proper re-release as with those special "Archive" mixes...

A1 Aukamacic
A2 Over (Outtake)
A3 Icky Qualms
A4 Over + Over + Over + Over
A5 Dead Mouse
A6 A Big Noise In A Toy World
A7 Trademark
B1 Scratching Crawling Scrawling
B2 As Cold As Can Be In An English Sea
B3 ...Verses (Outtake)
B4 Is This The Life?
B5 Nurses Whispering Verses
B6 A Time For Rejoicing