Amaia Zubiria, Pascal Gaigne – Zineman
Amaia Zubiria, Pascal Gaigne – Zineman

Amaia Zubiria, Pascal Gaigne – Zineman

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Label: Angel Amigo – AA 001
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Spain
Released: 1990
Genre: Stage & Screen
Style: Score

This is a serene, sometimes melancholy album of predominantly instrumental pieces. Pascal Gaigne alternates between piano, accordion, synth, and some brief acoustic guitar. He is joined on various tracks by Amaia Zubiria's light and airy vocals, and some occasional woodwinds and strings. The music is somewhat simplistic; new-agey at times, folky in other places. The singing consists mostly of wordless vocalizations, and even on the instrumentals the instrumentation is usually kept to a single keyboard with perhaps an additional melody instrument. Except for a 10 minute suite, the album consists of 19 short pieces, each suggesting and highlighting its own mood. Gaigne and Zubiria's relaxed melodies provide a peaceful continuity to the album that flows through these various moods and creates a pleasant introspective atmosphere. Still, there is probably a bit too little going on musically for many listener's tastes. This one is definitely only for when you're feeling very mellow...(NM.NM)

A1 Loraldia
A2 Inmigrantes
A3 Juan Y Alicia (1)
A4 Juan Y Alicia (2)
A5 Juan Y Alicia (3)
A6 Inmigrantes (2)
A7 Girasoles
A8 Lua Lua
A9 Girasoles (2)
Ander Eta Yul
A10 Ander Eta Yul
A10-1 Maitasunera
A10-2 Erdialda
A10-3 Hi Eta Ni
A10-4 Erdialdia
A10-5 Maitasunera (2)
Zergatik Panpox
B1 Zergatik Panpox
B2 Behin BAtean
B3 Zergatik Panpox (2)
B4 Aita Esnatugaberik
B5 Egun Sentian
La Muerte de Mikel
B6 Tango
La Fuga De Segovia
B7 Jata Segoviana
B8 La Guriak Egin Du
Km O
B9 La Partida