Aki Tsuyuko – LEO
Aki Tsuyuko – LEO

Aki Tsuyuko – LEO

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Label: Enban – 12EB-116
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Japan
Released: 2 Jul 2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Ambient, Experimental

Meandering, autobiographical solo works from close friend of the shop Aki Tsuyuko, tracking her 30 year relationship with her beloved KAWAI Dreamatone organ.  As so touchingly explained in the release notes, Aki’s relationship began with her instrument of choice after her Dad (who worked as a salesman for the KAWAI corporation) brought one home for her.  From here, she started to explore the vast combinations of tones and colours the half digital / half analogue organ can produce, regularly retreating away to practice alone to escape early shyness around guests staying in her family Ryokan.  It’s this unique relationship that makes Aki’s music feel so personal, as if completely unrehearsed and she’s just going wherever the next note takes her.  Now, both Aki and her Dreamatone have grown old together as she explains “But my organ looks like its time is drawing near recently - some tone colors are no longer sounding.  Now, I have a feeling, kind of a call, to keep on playing it till the end”.  Much like her beloved ‘Natsu No Zenbu’ release (together with Ippei Matsui), we’re offered a private glimpse into the life of a unique musician totally content and at one with her sound, laced heavy with nostalgia and that homey feeling as if you’ve known this music all your life.  Dream deep, in a world where time stands still… if only for a fleeting moment.. (NM)

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