NMA 10 magazine (1992)
NMA 10 magazine (1992)
NMA 10 magazine (1992)

NMA 10 magazine (1992)

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NMA (New Music Articles) was an indepedent Australian publication active throughout the 80’s and early 90’s having the aim of encouraging musicians, composers and sound artists to write about their work as a way of informing the general public, and creating wider musical debate.

Editor Rainer Linz

Wilkins, Caroline. Two works for solo accordion. p3
Mangin, Chris. On the occasion of 10 years of music publishing in Melbourne: a clarification of the Australia Council music publishing policy. p6
Duke, Jas H. Sounds, sound poetry, and sound/text compositions. p7
Greenwell, Andree. Notes on an opera. p12
Watson, Robert. A letter from Baal. p16
Lewis, Ruark. Th wa wi neve en. p17
Kouvaras, Linda. question time for the (post?) modern composer. p20
Linz, Rainer. An interview with Stelarc. p21
Mann, Chris. Changing the subject.
Riddell, Alistair. The chords of eternity. p28
Johnson, Bruce. Orality and jazz education. p39
Sorenson, Marie. Music in therapy. p44
Reviews (etc)... p47