Peace Pipe – Peace Tape X
Peace Pipe – Peace Tape X
Peace Pipe – Peace Tape X

Peace Pipe – Peace Tape X

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Label: not on label – none
Cassette, Mixtape
Country: UK
Released: 2023
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Techno, Downtempo

The final Peace Tape ends the sequence as it began worshiping a particular kind of early 90s dance. Halfway between the club and drive home. Indebted to people in the party and the bedroom studio, to people drifting far from work, the nuclear family and the ‘real world’ of control and responsibility.

I read somewhere recently that you only need to have a transcendent experience once to change things forever. Once a pathway in the brain is opened the way back along it is always available. In the notes that have accompanied these tapes I have recalled things, not exactly as they were. Rather I have tried to access them as they remain to me now. Trying to return alone via records to those few moments in the real world of nightlife that felt like they genuinely changed something in me. But you can’t build a fortress of solitude from records on Strictly Rhythm or Warp. The music implies the presence of other people. And of course there were other people: school friends, friends of friends, club friends, people I only met once or people I may only have danced next to for a moment. But for some reason these are harder to recall and when I go back I am on my own and maybe missing the point.

We are now 15 odd years into a 90s revival, and even though I was there I have the feeling that I just missed the best of it. Too young, too old, too scared, always on the night bus when the best records were playing. Nevertheless the little that I caught was enough... (Mint / New - with free DL)

A Untitled 45:00
B Untitled 45:00